Careers at Modus

We offer a rewarding mix of what you are looking for: Pioneering management, clearly defined policies, adherence to our promises, varied experience in transformative and future oriented technologies with best in class clients, promising career path and a lot more.

01. Representation


We take pride in the fact that several of our entry level incumbents have now risen to the positions Project Managers/Project Lead and Senior Software Engineers even CXO. Belonging to rural hinterlands, comfort with written/spoken English being a challenge, they have made their way to corporate echelons in short span of time. When they look back with pride at their personal growth path, it fills our hearts with a great sense of satisfaction for the opportunity given.

We respect cultural, ethical and religious diversities.

02. Receptivity


Employee Feedback Survey is an annual exercise , covering dimensions such as :

  • Job content, sense of fulfilment and job satisfaction

  • Personal and Professional Growth

  • Compensation & benefits

  • Employee advocacy and sense of belonging It the most recent survey conducted at the beginning of this calendar year, it was gratifying for us to receive positive feedback from nearly three quarters of the population.

Insightful feedback and comments received from the feedback were used to design specific interventions to address employee aspirations.

03. Fairness

Rewarding Merit -

Our HR policies- reiterate, our policy of rewarding employees for their valued contribution to the organization's growth trajectory. There is clear focus on performance, reward for pure merit with no scope for subjectivity.

Focus on Performance Management- Finding the sweet spot -

Criticism and praise are both an important part of the business world. Effective leaders don't only provide praise, nor do they only provide criticism. Instead, they find the sweet spot between the two. Metrix based, key Performance Indicators are communicated to every level of employee and these results form the base for Performance Appraisal.

Reward & Recognition- Recognising unsung heros & sheroes-

Oualitative aspects merit reward, such as articulation, involvement, calibre, Client/Stakeholder feedback, Pro activeness, Seamless execution.

04. Learning & Development

Emphasis on Learning

We strive to create an atmosphere where learning & innovation become the DNA of every Modus site.

We build internal capabilities to address opportunities We follow some core Elements for effective Training, which ensure flawless execution Providing Proactive Training instead of Reactive Aligning Goals of Training to Business Goals Training supported with real life examples and skiped with past experiences.

05. Giving Credit

Giving Credit

Many of our employees have been recipients of accolades from Internal & External stakeholders for their exemplary work and going beyond the call of duty.

We recognise such star performance and also share best practices of such performances for benefit of all. Qualities such as dedication, quality output, attitude, managing stressful deadlines, analysing issues, co-ordination, coherent explanations, willingness to update to latest technology, statues have made us the most preferred partner for many a corporate.