Our Voices

We commemorate the 20th year of  Modus’s Incorporation with a series ,featuring our most valuable assets-‘All our employees’. We have named the series “Our Voices”- which will feature our  employees sharing their professional and personal journey working at Modus. We begin this series with the Voice of Nisha Chowta from our team, she needs no introduction, Over to Nisha!

Nisha Chowta- Senior Lead HR Team

I am Nisha here from the HR Team. I am proud to say that we are an all-woman team of 4, managing all the HR Activity in Modus. I have been associated with Modus Since 2012. Over a period of time, company operations grew in size and scale. Along with company growth, I could experience my personal growth too. I learnt to manage several complex situations, at times multi- tasking and driving the team effectively. Modus is a great organization to build our career because you will get a lot of opportunities and girl encouraging environment. The good things in Modus are Work-Life balance, Great Leadership and friendly work environment. The supportive management and the work culture give us sense of belongingness.

Hanumant Raju- Technical Lead

Modus is a very good company with talents who have the commitment, professionalism, proactiveness, care, innovation and such capabilities to deliver the best to clients. I have been with the organization for more than 5+years, Modus is the best place for a challenging, fast growing environment with opportunities to learn and explore. At Modus I got opportunities to work in multiple client projects at different phases where I worked on Finacle CORE modules, Finacle WMS Asset Classes, CRM, FININFRA, SVS, EOD/BOD. I also trained team members, learned end to end processes, client interactions & Team management. I received lot of support from Senior management, HR, Finance, Admin teams, Managers & Team members. Keep learning and do your best always!

Likitha Shankar- Senior Software Engineer

I started my career with MODUS in the year 2019 as Trainee Software Engineer. Modus has given me great opportunities to learn and explore in various projects with different roles and responsibilities in each of them. The company has helped me to build my career professionally from scratch. With an amazing team and fellow colleagues, Modus also helped me to grow as an individual. This is an organization with good work-life balance, good mentorship and friendly work environment. The Employee's hard work is recognized and appreciated, due to which the individual as well as the other employees are self-motivated. Thereby they start growing along with the organisation. I am glad to be an employee of this organization and looking forward to many more years of my association with Modus, learning and growing strength to strength.

Sivahari S- Technical Manager

I am Sivahari. I had started my career as a fresher here at Modus in vear 2013. I have been part of multiple complex projects where I worked with different clients, challenges, situations, and successfully completed projects. I worked on Finacle customization, Finale Integrator, Connect 24, Reports etc. I had the scope to learn banking related technologies alongside plenty of opportunities to learn and discover my skills. I enjoy my work professionally. I am able to balance my personal and work life. Friendly managers, colleagues, HR, Finance, management, and work environment all together make it comfortable to work. I receive good support from my managers and management. Modus is a great place to begin your professional career as you will get the opportunity to work on the entire scope of the Project from end to end and on different banking modules as well. I am glad to be a part of Modus family and I would like to associate with Modus for many more years


I started my career with Modus in the vear 2015 as a Trainee Software Engineer. The company has given me the opportunity to build my career and I am now a Senior Software Engineer. Having started as a Fresher here, I had various opportunities to learn and improve my skills. This journey of enhancing my skill sets would not have been possible without everyone's support. Modus is a great place where you can learn multiple concepts in friendly work environment. I worked on Finacle Customization, Reports, Finale Integrator etc. I have been recognized and appreciated for my efforts that I have put in many projects which is very motivating. The managers with whom I have worked have amazing knowledge. They always encourage me to come up with own approach as per Project requirements To sum up my experience- 'Lots of learning in an encouraging environment. I am looking forward to continuing my career with Modus for many more years and convey my wishes for the growth of the Organization.

Preethi Nandanoori-   Technical Lead

I have been with Modus from 2019 and have had an amazing experience. My role here has given me a great opportunity to work in multiple Cooperative banks in the Development and Support team. In the last 4 years I have learnt many skills such as multitasking, working on new modules, professional interaction with clients, learning to be flexible and many more. I had started my career as a developer and now I am leading a Team. Rising up in my career is fulfilling- both personally and professionally. I wish to thank Modus for this opportunity. Sharing my experience with your all- while working with one co-op bank: My assignment involved complete SDLC (Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing) of NPA loans and NPA CCOD module. It was a rare and great opportunity as I was involved in the Project end-to-end, from which one can get complete knowledge of a module. There were few challenges initially as banks keep on changing requirements as per RBI guidelines. In this process I learnt that there should be code flexibility to incorporate changes, else we will have to change the complete approach/design. We could successtully Go Live with the help of my supporting manager and team members. Modus offers opportunity to grow professionally and personally along with great work life balance.

Gurpreet Singh Vig- Project Manager.

I am Gurpreet Singh Vig, I am an Ex-Banker and associated with BFS And IT Industry for more than 14 years. I have been associated with MODUS since 2020. The experiences that I have gained along the way are irreplaceable and extremely useful. Modus is an amazing workplace it provides relevant platforms to learn and explore new technologies. I find the culture open and transparent enough to encourage thinking out loud. Working around like-minded people helps me get outside my comfort zone, enhance my knowledge and capabilities. It has helped me reach great heights by offering me new learning opportunities and strengthening my inherent skills with its rich and diverse organisational culture. Modus has provided me many opportunities, and I have been tagged with many projects including implementation during my stay with the firm. On how to manage a team, there can be numerous ways depending on one's view. To manage a team, we need to be a good Leaders. Being from a Sports background and having led my Hockey team from a very young age in school college state level, leading my team in the past gave me some experience and qualities. I prefer being a coach or a leader rather than being a Manager, I carried the legacy by being a Coach for my team rather than a manager. As a leader we need to listen, as vou know silent and listen both have the same alphabets, to precisely listen you needs to be silent. Coaches/ Leaders actively listen, build rapport, ask questions, and give constructive feedback. If you want to successfully manage a team, you must become a good coach/ leader. As a leader you need to understand the challenges faced at the very root level by the team, analyse them given them valuable suggestion to overcome those challenges. There shall always be the fear to lose or to fail, but believe me, this fear is also good, if a person has such good fear this shows how serious/committed he she is towards the activity assigned in the project. Evert small step taken in a project is a key step taken towards the accomplishment of the project is the mantra for successful leader. My Advice to the youngsters: 1.Have good Attitude towards work. 2.Invest in learning as this is the best Investment for you. Grab the opportunities & Challenges that come your way

Nithyanand Shetty- Senior Business Analyst

My relationship with Modus dates to 2008 when Iwas working for Bank Dhofar, OMAN. Then I used to work closely with Modus team, handing interface track during migration from legacy CBS to Finacle. Later, I moved to Indiato work for a Mumbai based Bank and the bank engaged Modus for migration of legacy CBS to Finacle, this was year 2015. Modus had by then demonstrated quality in work and commitment to timelines. I was lucky to be part of Modus from the year 2016, except for a short break due to personal reasons. As I look back and now, talents within Modus are great, cross-functional and technically mature. Such type of collaborative strength is rare to find in many organizations Currently, I am handling interface track and happy to be aligned with a few ongoing projects. The support from project team & management, be it on technical, functional and personal is superlative. I feel there is a lot to learn from them. Lastly, over the last 20 years, Modus has built its own recognition & reputation in Banking space; to be precise - Finacle implementation, customization & support. My advice to all is that focus on tasks, show eagerness to learn, be committed & be respectful towards colleagues. This is the key to career satisfaction. Last but not the least, Modus is a "great place" which provides plenty of opportunities for career growth. Wishing each one in MODUS family success and bright future ahead.

Shivakumar Annigeri- Technical Lead

I wish to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible journey I have had at MODUS over the past few years. I had started my career at MODUS as a Trainee Software Engineer. Working alongside such talented and supportive individuals, has been very inspiring. The learning curve I have experienced has been remarkable, and I owe it all to the amazing team here at MODUS. Each day has presented new challenges and opportunities for growth, allowing me to continuously expand my skill set. At MODUS, I had the opportunity to work with various clients and projects. I worked on Internet Banking and Mobile Banking development. I am grateful for the trust placed in me, as it has allowed me to contribute my skills and knowledge towards our shared goals. The collaborative environment here at MODUS fosters creativity, innovation, and personal growth-all of which have played a significant role in my own professional development. I genuinely look forward to many more years of collaboration, innovation, and success with MODUS! Thank you for making this journey truly remarkable.

Gagana KM

I stated my career with Modus in the vear 2021 as a Trainee Software Engineer. Modus has helped me to enhance my knowledge related to functional and technical skills. The company has provided me with a great oppoitunity to explore all the domains. All these are continuously helping to build my skills. The employee friendly policies help to maintain the work life balance. One of the major reasons for my scale up in career is due to the great leadership and mentoring from seniors. They are very helpful, communicative and friendly. This provides an encouraging environment for clarifying doubts and sharing of ideas. It's been my great pleasure to be a part of Modus and looking for more years of fruitful association

Ajith Nair-Senior Consultant

I have been in the BFSI-IT domain for more than two and half decades. I have had a long association with Modus from 2013, Before joining Modus, I was working for an MNC for more than a decade. At Modus, the transparent, capable management along with enthusiastic, hardworking, and very "keen to learn" work force were a joy to work with. When I joined Modus, the Organization was in a growth track, wherein we were entering into some Implementation projects for the first time. The team we had, were enthusiastic, energetic, and hardworking youngsters most of them being freshers. They were ready to "unlearn" and learn the new domain and technology. Even though the projects were having many challenges, we successfully completed the proiects within timelines only due to the teamwork. There are many of them still around as senior members in Modus team and each of them will have great success stories to be proud of. I took a break in 2015 and re-joined Modus in 2018, by then Modus had a tremendous growth and had stepped into many new diversified markets and domains. "Team Modus" was all prepared to reinvent itselt to such new and emerging needs. There are ample opportunities available to those who want to build a career at Modus. Being surrounded by most experienced in mostof the Techno-Functional areas, the work pressure is seldom felt as it is a pleasure to work closely with multi skilled professionals. All we need is an instinct to learn and think logically, which Can take you to many heights. My advice to all at Modus is to be open to learn and keep asking questions till you get to the right pointer to solve issues. I wish to convey my best wishes to all of you- May wonderful opportunities come your way and you will attain heights of success.

Sangavi- Mahendiran- Software Engineer

I joined Modus in year 2020 as a Fresher, and have built on my skills from the base. My trainers and colleagues trained me to understand Functional and Technical aspects. This training enabled me to perform my roles efficiently in client projects. Thave had the opportunity to work in multiple co-operative banks. I grateful to Modus for giving me the opportunity to grow professionally and for appreciating my work.

Snehal Bhogale

I have started my career @ Modus during the Year 2022 and my experience has been amazing. Working with various cooperative banks, I have enhanced my skills in functional and customization aspects of different modules. This period has not only enriched my professional capabilities but also enhanced my interpersonal skills, client interaction and time management. I have worked with supportive managers, team lead and team members who has given the opportunity to get detailed functional and technical knowledge. Working alongside such talented individuals has been a great experience. Here innovation is encouraged and everyone's efforts are consistently recognized and appreciated. It is a great place which provides plenty of opportunities which helps to grow in one's career. Having eagerness to learn new things and challenge yourself to gain knowledge of different aspects will always help you achieve your goal. I would like to express my gratitude for providing an environment that encourages growth and innovation and I am excited about future opportunities ahead

Mainak Biswas

I have been a part of MODUS for more than one and half years and it's been an incredible journey so far. Modus provides with ample opportunities to learn and grow in the respective fields. I am grateful that I got onsite opportunity from the beginning to work in a Small Finance Bank which has scaled up my functional, technical and communication skills. I have received a lot of support from Senior Management, Managers and Team members.  One advice to all my colleagues- Keep Learning and do your best always, Modus is a great platform to accelerate your career. Looking forward to contribute more to this organization.

Vidyasagar JHA

"I have had a rewarding two years at Modus, where my professional journey has been marked by valuable experiences and growth. I have been able to acquire crucial skills in banking functionality, understanding backend processes, frontend customisation. While my primary focus has been in the core customization area, 1 have actively expanded my skills in FinRPT, CRM, and API too. This comprehensive exposure has been invaluable in shaping my expertise across different areas of the product. Through persistent efforts and dedication, I successfully navigated and tried to overcome several challenges in customization. To advise to all my fellow colleagues -embrace challenges and seek mentorship within the organization. Modus offers a platform for innovation and learning, making it an ideal place for those eager to carve out a successful career".

Sambhaji Pawade

I am Sambhaji Pawade and have experience of 16 years in banking domain. I joined Modus in Feb 2022, earlier I was working for Wipro. At Modus, I have worked on User level and Product application level testing - for a PSU bank project. The assignment was full of challenges, but I am happy to state that we have done the process smoothly. For the same project we have completed migration related to BPD/UAT, Production. All these experiences both big and small have helped me to increase my knowledge. The above mentioned Project was my first experience on Migration. Looking back, I feel so proud that we have successfully tested in UAT Environment and then moved to production smoothly. Further I was part of Training for a Urban Co-op bank. My advice to all my young colleagues - Modus gives us lot of opportunities to learn at the ground level to upwards. Try to learn new things every day, this attitude will be helpful for you and for the Company. 

Santosh Gurav

I am Santosh Gurav. I am an ex-banker and have 30 years of work experience work experience. During my earlier Professional engagement I have worked with Modus Team for a Data Migration Project from CBS to Finacle 10.x. It was full of challenges, but we smoothly moved important banking data, ensuring a smooth transition that met Finacle platform's high requirements. Now I am privileged to be a part of Modus since 2022. For the past year and a half, I have been actively involved in a critical role with Mahanagar Bank, my scope covering data migration program, Testing and Support, besides earlier being part of Implementation. This experience has not only sharpened my technical skills, but it has also broadened my knowledge on several aspects. Let us continue to define the future of Modus together, where your passion shapes not only your career but also the incredible story of our company's accomplishments. Congratulations to every member of Modus family on completion of 20 Years ...!

S Velmanickam

My heartfelt congratulations to Modus on completion of 20 years. I started my career as a Technical Lead in April 2021 but feels like it was just yesterday. I am saying this because there is a psychological term "Flow state" which means a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment. Yes, l enjoy Modus's work atmosphere very much. The experience here scaled up my knowledge, on functional and technical skills. This personal enhancement has helped me to contribute well. | look forward to contributing more to the organisation. 

Advait Khatavkar

I have had the privilege of working at Modus Information Systems for the past one and half year and it's been an incredible journey. The company offers a fantastic work environment where employees are compensated well and provided with ample opportunities to learn and grow in their respective fields. It's been a fulfilling and enriching experience, and I'm grateful for the chance to be part of this wonderful team. This company is my first work place and has provided me with a great work environment. It's a place where productivity and job satisfaction go hand in hand and I'm grateful for the opportunities it has offered me. At Modus our leaders consistently grant us the freedom to make decisions and work as we see fit. It's a place where the attitude of micromanagement is not there, enabling us to take ownership of our work and flourish. independently. I have had the privilege of being a part of the Finacle Customization team. This journey has allowed me to learn and grow a range of skills, from basic to high-level, to meet the specific needs of customization. I have extensively explored the core components of the product as well as front-end and back-end of Finacle development. It's been a fulfilling experience that has enriched my knowledge and expertise in these areas and I'm excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. As I have spent only one and half years at this organizations, to the young and aspiring professionals, I'd like to share a few words of wisdom from my experience at Modus. Embrace every opportunity to learn and grow in your career. Don't shy away from challenges; they are your stepping stones to success. Seek out supportive environments where leaders trust and empower their teams. Remember, your journey will be shaped by the knowledge you gain and the relationships you build. Stay curious, work hard and stay true to your goals.

Vighnesh BS

It is my immense pleasure to share my experience at Modus. I started my career at Modus as 'Accounts Executive' in the year 2015. The company gave me a great opportunity to improve my career and enhance my knowledge. Currently I am working as a Senior Finance Executive. Modus is an august company which has made me better in all aspects of finance such as Payroll,Statutory payments,Account receivablemanagement, Invoicing, Income-tax management,Bill payables, Vendor reconciliation etc. Modus has provided lot of opportunity to interact with Clients. I haveparticipated in Vendor Audit sessions held at our major clients' location. Modus is a positive place with friendly co-workers and amiable managers. The encouragement of my Mangers has helped me a lot to upgrade myself in all aspects of finance. Looking forward to contribute more and more positively. Strive to create a better version of yourself, personally and professionally everyday.