Finacle Migration Project at

2 RRBs of Canara Bank

Go-live of Finacle Migration Project at 2 RRBs of Canara Bank

We recently completed Go-live of Finacle Migration Project at 2 RRBs of Canara Bank, These two banks collectively had close to 1850 Branches. The Scope included End-to-end data migration, deployment of Finacle, re-integration and complete customisation delivery. This mammoth project was completed within just 9 months, as expected by the Bank. This Project was ably led by Vikram P – Project Manager , supported by Srinath , Kiran both Technical experts and a team of several dedicated Software Engineers.

The Program Director of the Bank, paid rich compliments to the entire Modus team, here is a summary from his speech: He mentioned that the entire program was managed in most efficient manner. All requests of the banks were fulfilled

Modus team: Babu and Vikram led the team wonderfully from front. So much thought has gone into planning the work and gap analysis. This meticulous planning led to correct steps in customisation, further leading the way for execution and successful results. No customisation issues were faced in migration. The scope of work was divided into smaller modules , each one tested and perfected. This kind of execution ability of being able to understand, breakdown, test and synchronise is a great lesson for all. Virtues of true leaders were displayed. This thoroughness was reflected in the work culture of the team too. Entire team was going about their work calmly with dedication

Co-ordination- Project was well co-ordinated and synchronised with the System Integrators , which is an important factor for smooth Project Delivery

Great moment in the history of Banks- This Project had been taken up nearly 13 years after the initial implementation. Despite the long gap, our team understood the functionality so well and did not allow any gaps to crop in.

Our Hearty Congratulations to the entire Team! Classic team work