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Modus has strong credentials in the area of core banking implementation, especially Finacle Core Banking solution from Infosys. Modus enjoys "Finacle Value Partner" status from Infosys and we are highly recommended by Infosys as Finacle Core Banking Services provider and Digital Banking Solution provider. The long-standing partnership with Infosys helps Modus to smoothly execute the implementation without much struggle. Modus history of working with the product over a decade in the areas of Finacle product development, Finacle product testing and Finacle core banking implementation.

Partner Led Delivery model from Infosys:

Infosys identifies Modus as a partner company who can lead the Finacle Core banking solution implementation in a bank.

Modus has proved the capability on the ground multiple times. Modus has experienced and trained talents who can drive various tracks in the core banking software transformation program. Modus is equipped with even program management professionals for such programs.

Modus works very closely with Infosys and the bank business and IT leads to execute such programs. Modus management consultants have the experience and capability to manage core banking systems for the stakeholders, integrate services, align program objectives and execute the program.

Modus has many program managers with more than decade of experiences in the core banking services domain. Modus has specific skillsets like data migration experts, integration architects, customization experts, technical support experts, product functional experts, product technical experts etc.

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Modus - Technology Transformation Partner for Banks- Compelling Reasons

1. Least Risk and Trusted Partner

Modus has been a premium partner of Finacle Value Partner since 2004. Modus has executed many transformation programs independently or as part of Infosys’ & large SI’s teams. Modus is happy to claim that there is no failed project and that all our customers can be our references. Some of our customers include a partial list of marquee names like Deutsche Bank, Indus Ind Bank, IDBI Bank, Corporation Bank, State Bank of Mauritius, NTB-Srilanka, NATSAVE-Zambia, African Exim Bank-Egypt etc. Our employees are Finacle-skilled and further continuously enhanced with inhouse Finacle training programmes with an installed latest version of the solution.

Modus has deep implementation expertise in Finacle suite of solutions in each of the following areas:

  • Implementation
  • Version migration
  • Customizations
  • Interfaces and integrations
  • Testing & Validation
  • Infra consulting & planning
  • Installation & Deployment
  • User Acceptance Testing & System Integration Testing
  • Program Management
  • Resource Augmentation

Modus adds up its Value Proposition to Banks further with its white-labelled product offerings

  • ModusBI – a Business Intelligence & Analytics solution
  • Modus-Quiklrn – an eLearning Tool assisting Bank’s Core Team

2. End-to-End Implementation Approach - exclusively packaged for Banks

Having done multiple customer engagements and to ensure business benefits of implementing Finacle, Modus’ approach to any implementation is an end-to-end offering, just to leverage the inherent strengths of Finacle which unless unfolded, will remain latent. Hence, our approach for Banks addresses the following:

  • Domain Specialists: Business Process Definition (BPD) stage to involve strong Banking Domain talents who understand global best business practices; This Domain Team includes not just Banking but also Consultants who will recommend innovations and alternate strategies. This team will closely work with Bank’s Core Team (which will be a combination of technology and business) and participate in review discussions of the already done DRG/BPD exercise with Banks to leverage the best out of Finacle.
  • Modular Training and Plan to Enable a Self-Reliant BANK’S team: Modus has included in its offering, the e-Training Tool, Modus-Quiklrn. This tool not just helps Banks team to learn, revise and rehearse Finacle processes but also helps evaluate its own teams by enabling Training/Conference Room Pilots and help in disseminating KT & Ops Checklist to End Users of Banks.
  • Value Added Testing Strategy: Modus has proposed an end-to-end Testing Assignment – this is one of the key strengths of Modus, the activities include preparation and writing of Test Cases, SIT and UAT. This Testing Assignment is primarily proposed to validate the banking processes as implemented in Finacle in the given time. Modus can mitigate the risk of Banks choosing a different Testing Partner that can elongate the test cycle just for the sake of raising tickets.
  • Program Governance: A pre-scheduled calendar of Steering Committees, Project Management Meetings, Escalation matrix and SLA mechanisms are part of Modus’ Standard Implementation Model activities. This model avoids any delays in processes, people, and unforeseen situations – Further, Program Governance Dashboard helps track every activity of Implementation by different Levels of the Bank.
  • L-2 Support: Post Go-Live Support is one important scope area that Banks shall consider in the initial decision-making process. Besides supporting the Bank’s Core Team in the implemented Production Version, there will be situations where certain requirements can be deferred and certain innovations that could be planned, after going live to meet the immediate transformation. Modus likes to continue its journey with Banks beyond go-live to explore innovations in Finacle and surround solutions together to leverage the investments made by Banks.
  • ModusBI: ModusBI is a business intelligence platform enabling interactive, enterprise dashboards with KRAs for different user profiles within a bank. The solution comes with preload of dashboards and reports that are a ready fit for banks. ModusBI enables self-service, trending, and predictions with high-speed and precision. ModusBI leverages the data science and machine learning framework to perform ‘what-ifs’ to give real-time predictive data analysis. Easy integration of ModusBI through standard APIs helps leverage the data from combination of backend applications within the Bank, thus providing a 360-degree view of all departments and operations.

3. Modus’ Leadership & Domain Strengths with Finacle DNA

Modus leadership is an extended highly experienced Finacle organization to be precise. The Leadership is a blend of ex-Finacleites and/or Domain Team that had implemented complex and large Finacle implementations globally. Interestingly the Leadership is also a composition of Finacle skillsets – Banking Domain, Technology, Testing, Project Management & Delivery. Collectively between the leadership, there are over 100 person years of Finacle experience, and we wish to reiterate that Banks will be in safe and committed hands.